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Learn the fundamentals of how to create an Email Marketing Plan

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I recently completed a course in digital marketing and one of the things that I learned about marketing strategies was how to create an Email marketing plan. I learned that Email marketing is such a cheap and efficient way to get a particular company’s name ‘out there’. I approached my lecturers in college and they agreed that Email marketing was a great tool, yet it’s still not ‘taking off’ in the digital marketing world. This blog will examine the reasons behind this, the positives and negatives that come with Email marketing, and finally the effect SPAM has on Email marketing.


Firstly we can look at what makes Email marketing a success and what the statistics and research there is to back up using it as a powerful marketing tool.


First of all, Email is cheap. The Email marketing website MailChimp offers a great service of 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. This might not sound like a lot, but if you’re a small/growing business this has a great reach capability.

Let’s think about that for a second through the eyes of Tim. Tim is a non-digital person who loves the old school ways of promoting a business offline. Tim uses print advertising as one of the ways of doing this.

Newspaper advertising costs a ‘BOMB’ these days, don’t believe me? Check out this link. Tim also invests his time in handing out leaflets door-to-door as often as possible, slugging it out in mid-summer heat to give out leaflets that probably won’t even be read and chucked straight into the bin!

With Email marketing all this can be achieved with a few clicks of the mouse, saving you time and money as TIME IS MONEY in a lot of circumstances. Email marketing is simply the most cost efficient way of reaching people. You can see some of the latest news in the Email marketing world here .



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One of the biggest obstacles people have with Email is of course, yes you guessed it, SPAM.

Spam is unsolicited bulk Email which the recipient has not agreed to receive. People are becoming increasingly unlikely to open an Email they haven’t agreed to receive. The huge number of Spam messages in people’s inboxes today means they are unlikely to open any Emails that are not personal messages from someone they know or from a trusted source. Nowadays, people are routinely deleting Emails in bulk that are not personal or private. So how do we define spam in Emails?


1) Anonymity: The address and identity of the sender are concealed

2) Mass Mailing: The Email is sent to large groups of people

3) Unsolicited: The Email is not requested by the recipients

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Not sure what the best practises are in Email marketing, here are some top tips provided by Margaret Rouse, (writer and manager of



  1. Limit the frequency of mailings.
  2. Don’t pester recipients – tell people how often you intend to send them messages, and don’t send them more frequently.
  3. Another important: content – try to engage the reader with interesting and informative messages. Make the reader look forward to your Email.
  4. Include your physical address in your messages.
  5. Include a working mechanism for recipients to easily remove themselves from your mailing list.
  6. Welcome feedback on your messages, and use it to improve future mailings.
  7. Ensure that your messages are sent to the right demographic groups. One of the things that makes Spam such a laughing stock is its inappropriate nature. For example, most 80-year-old nuns are not likely to be interested in Viagra, but they might get messages offering it just the same.


Check out this link for more expert analysis.


The biggest challenge for Email marketers today is compiling a mailing list. Getting people to subscribe can be a tricky process indeed, but fear not as I will give some top tips on how to accomplish this.

My personal favourite way is through social media competitions on Facebook etc. Apps such as Rafflecopter are great tools to help you setup your competition for free. For users to apply to the competition they will have to enter their Email address, therefore adding it to your potential Email marketing database.

There are other ways of compiling mailing lists. Giving the user an incentive to join the list such as free tickets to an event or offering discounts and special offers, check out the laughter lounge’s approach to this via this link.

So if you have any Email marketing tips of your own then please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we can attack the world of Email marketing together.

Having read this, would you now be more likely to consider an Email marketing campaign?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


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  1. Andrew Kennedy

    ah very good, I knew very little about what spam was so thats very informative, I also liked the links you provided, very interesting. I think a lot of the older generation enjoy the old methods, but for business growth purposes, email marketing is definitely a way forward. Thanks for educating me in this area 🙂


    • Thanks Andrew, glad the blog opened your eyes to the world of email marketing. Im delighted you liked my links as well. Thank you for your comment and i look forward to hearing from you again


  2. That was a great read, truly fantastic stuff! Really helped educate me in regards to email marketing.


  3. Well done Jamie on completing your first blog. Great job as I know this is not similar to anything you have done before. Great read


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