Agency or digital DIY?

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Could you create a digital marketing strategy or do you need an agency’s expertise?

With digital marketing it is easy and speedy to reach customers, engage them in conversations and get feedback on what they want.

However, digital marketing is a very time consuming and labour intensive process and for businesses who are unsure of what to do there are hurdles to overcome.

Many companies are still getting to grips with digital and feel daunted by how to go about creating and executing a digital marketing strategy.

So, do you go digital DIY and do your marketing in-house or do you contract out to a specialist agency?

Agencies can be expensive but their knowledge and expertise in the digital area is excellent. If you are about to, or have just taken your business online, an agency will provide you with value for money for a small or short term campaign.

This will give you the space to grow your business and develop in-house digital expertise as a more cost efficient option for the long term.

What do digital marketing agencies do?

They specialise in leveraging the digital power of your brand to engage existing clients and target recruit new audiences. They will help to increase your online presence, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and help you to increase sales.

What services do they offer?

Different agencies will specialise in different areas, some will concentrate on marketing and brand awareness while others also engage in website design and development. Their services include: Pay Per Click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, Email marketing, A/B testing and digital PR.

 I am going to leave you with links to 10 of Ireland’s well known digital agencies – there are many more, this is just a representative sample. Take a look at their websites to check out the services they offer, read case studies on their work with clients. Some of the websites even carry blogs which are a very useful resource.
Once you see the level of expertise which is out there, you can decide if you will take your business to an agency of go DIY with your digital.

10 of Ireland’s well known digital agencies

Simply Zesty

Wolfgang Digital










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