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Why do some marketers not get that bloggers matter?

I am a digital novice, still very much learning and honing my online skills. While I have been writing for a living for a few years now – eh, ehem: okay,okay, it’s more like 25 – I only wrote my first blog last month. (It was exciting and I was very  proud to be published on the world wide web!)

Now I would hardly call myself a blogger on the strength of a few posts but despite this and my digital naivety, I have known for some time that bloggers MATTER. I may not have known back links from black hat but I understood that bloggers are part of the modern cohort of ‘influencers’ whose opinions and commentaries are wielding increasing power online.

So it would stand to reason that marketers would be laying out the red carpet for bloggers in the hope of brand mentions and positive reviews? Ya think?

Apparently, far too many marketers and brands are dismissing bloggers as irrelevant and position them very low on the media PR pecking order.

BIG MISTAKE. But don’t take my inexperienced word for it. I am going to hand you over to an influencer with blogging credentials to explain to any of you dismissive marketers out there the role that bloggers play in marketing.

Chris Lee is Head of Social Media Knowledge at global communications agency Grayling and this is a post he wrote a few days ago for Econsultancy.

Over to you Chris Lee

Any other writers out there who have tales of blogger disrespect? Or are you a marketer who has successfully built up positive PR relationships with bloggers and reaping the rewards?

Please let us know by leaving a comment.

Author: Aideen Sutton

  1. Aideen, I think you’re a natural blogger and an influencer!! Well done on posting another great article.


  2. Martina, thank you so much for your praise and for following all my Helpful Tips. Watch out for No 8 tomorrow!


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