Funding schemes to help you dive into digital

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Thinking of diving into digital but you don’t have the dosh to get started?

There are a few grant schemes which all SME’s should check out:

The above mentioned schemes are really worth checking out as a recent study on over 600 SME’s across the Republic of Ireland by Amarach Research on behalf of cloud telecoms provider Magnet [Inaugural Magnet Regional Business Barometer-(MRBB)] provides interesting reading.

The research shows that only 11% of SME’s are aware of government technology and business grants, while only 3% have successfully accessed the Enterprise Ireland voucher and only 1% have accessed the online trading voucher. Read the full report here:

Check out our Video Insights for last year’s IEDR’s 2014 Winners here. If you found this helpful, please let us know.

Author: Aideen Sutton

  1. Excellent info for SME’s. I have someone in mind for this blog.


  2. That’s not useful, that’s extremally useful! Thanks Aideen.


  3. Yes, Ray, it seems to be excellent information for SME’s and what is really startling is the results from the Amarach research of little awareness there is among the business community of what help is available. Thanks for your comment.


  4. Anna, You are correct. I underplayed the information with my use of adjective. I will amend accordingly to ‘extremely useful’. Thanks.


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