Is the growth in social media overwhelming your business?


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What you need is a social media management tool

Too many social media channels to keep an eye on and not enough tabs on your laptop or hours in the day? Pulling your hair out with the stress and frustration of having to open up Facebook, then Twitter, the LinkedIn, then email?

Is the growth in social media overwhelming your business? Trying to keep tabs on the latest developments in apps and channels but failing?

Well, what you need is a social media management tool because it will allow you to manage multiple channels, schedule content, add team members to one or more channels without sharing usernames and passwords. You will also be able to generate reports on the people who engage with your channels and assign tasks to team members to follow up on.

There are many social media software packages on the market and there will be one to suit your needs and your budget to help you keep track of everything.

Five examples include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Viral Heat, Sysomos and Klout. Hootsuite is a free tool but it has been losing favour lately with an elitist attitude developing around its use.

Sprout Social, is a paid for software tool but it allows users a 30 day free trial, so I would suggest it as a good place to start if you have never used a social media software package before.

Sprout Social is easy to sign up for and no credit card details will be required to avail of you 30 day free trial period.

However, it may not be suitable for you all as it will not manage Pinterest for you. But if you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, it is definitely worth a go.

So, go and get started on Sprout Social and come back when you are up and running and share your thoughts on how you are getting on?

And for those of you already using a social media software package, which one is is and how is it working for you?

Please let us know.


Author: Aideen Sutton



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