Using quizzes to increase E-commerce sales

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Quizzes can increase sales as they personalise your products

Did you know that personalised recommendations can increase your sales by 30% or more and that quizzes, yes quizzes, are now an easy way to personalise your product offering on your online shop?

I do now, thanks to a new blog by Josh Hayman on econsultancy’s daily pulse newsletter – as an aside, you should subscribe to this newsletter as it is a great business resource.

Josh explains that up until recently the software for running quizzes which personalise product selection was expensive and gives two examples of a new American online shop which increased sales froma quiz and a second company which bagged a lot of pre-orders before even launching their website.

This is encouraging news for any start-ups to be aware that a quiz can help to launch a successful stand-alone E-commerce website.

Over to Josh at econsultancy for the full story:

We found this to be a fascinating new way for marketers to drive sales and definitely think quizzes are something to try out.

What do you think, please let us know by leaving a comment.


Author: Aideen Sutton

  1. Very interesting article and easy to see there’s great scope for using quizzes in marketing products online- especially good for engaging new online customers.


  2. That’ s interesting!


  3. Hello Martina, I am glad you found that post ‘helpful’. Yes, it is really great to see how a concept as old as a quiz can be adapted for the digital world to reach customers, engage them and drive sales.


  4. Hello Anna, thanks for taking the time to read this Helpful Tip. I am delighted that you found it useful as I did. It is great to share information that helps us all to get our voices heard in the digital crowd!


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