Will Quora change your life?


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Sharing the knowledge

Someone told me recently that Quora would change my life. My immediate reaction was something between a scoff and a chortle. I wrote a note to self to ‘check out this life changing Quora’ and then, of course, forgot about it.

That was probably disrespectful of me because I did not know what Quora is and the person who told me, a lecturer in Dublin Business College (DBS), was just being genuine, passionate and sharing his knowledge.

And that is what Quora is all about; it is a tool for sharing knowledge – I did eventually get to check it out and here is what I discovered….

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer based website, founded in America in 2010 by Adam D’Angelo (ex-Facebook) and others.

Questions are created, answered, edited and organised by Quora’s community of users: Quora’s mission is to ‘share and grow the world’s knowledge’ and claims to ‘give the best answer to any question’.

Users get answers from people with real experience, e.g. if you ask ‘how difficult is it to set up an online business?’, you will receive answers from people who have gone through this process.

Like Wikipedia, Quora is technically a crowdsourced database of information but its difference is that it is about sharing Knowledge as opposed to Wikipedia’s dissemination of information.

Who uses it

Well, this is where it gets interesting: actor, Ashton Kutcher, singer,Michael Bublé and former tennis player, Pat Cash. Quora averages 1.5 million unique monthly visitors and has at least 16 million answers on 400,000 topics.

Screenshot of Ashton Kutcher answering a question on Quora

Ashton Kutcher answering a question on Quora

Other features

Quora has its own official company blog contributed to and managed by its team where it channels all its official announcements and news stories.

Users can create their own blogs to use as a means of sharing knowledge through posts on any topic. The benefits of posting on Quora rather than a personal blog can be dramatic, apparently. Check out this link for the stats on this and more information about Quora.

Users can also ask questions anonymously, so you can ask a question about your business or area of expertise and then answer it in your name to promote your business. Quora will allow this as long as the question & answer is not purely promotional and it is useful.

How to get started

It is very easy to sign up to Quora and it can be done either through Google, Facebook, Twitter or Email. Once you are in to get to choose from 10 topics you are interested in, ranging from technology to fashion to web design, social media marketing and everything in between. You then can add additional topics indicating your own areas of experience in the areas of study, hobbies, skills and interests.

Has Quora changed my life?

I am not sure about this yet but I am glad that my DBS lecturer shared the knowledge with me and now that I am on Quora, I think it is going to be a very useful tool and a great knowledge resource.

Now, excuse me, I am off to Quora to ask Michael Bublé ‘would the world’s biggest hearthrob would give Aideen Sutton singing lessons?’….a girl can dream!

Has Quora changed your life? Please let me know by leaving a comment.




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