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How To Create An Email Marketing Plan



Learn the fundamentals of how to create an Email Marketing Plan

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I recently completed a course in digital marketing and one of the things that I learned about marketing strategies was how to create an Email marketing plan. I learned that Email marketing is such a cheap and efficient way to get a particular company’s name ‘out there’. I approached my lecturers in college and they agreed that Email marketing was a great tool, yet it’s still not ‘taking off’ in the digital marketing world. This blog will examine the reasons behind this, the positives and negatives that come with Email marketing, and finally the effect SPAM has on Email marketing.

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How to write compelling content


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Learn how to write compelling content in seven easy-to-follow ‘bits’

 You know you need to write compelling content and publish it to promote your business. You keep hearing that content is king and your main competitor is tweeting and sharing on Facebook like mad.

You know you need to adapt digitally or die. Yet you have no content marketing strategy because you feel OVERWHELMED about getting on board the digital train.

Take a few deep breaths, get a cup of coffee, come back and  have a look at the following infographic, then continue reading as I break this compelling content conundrum down into seven easy-to-follow ‘bits’:


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